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Winter at Chestnut Run Farm

We work through the winter to get all the pruning done in time for the spring bloom when the cycle begins again with blossom thinning. Every tree must be pruned every year for stable production and a healthy orchard.

The trees rest through the cold of winter, awaiting the coming of spring ( Wendy Hitchens photo).
Chestnut Run Farm trees in winter


Bare pear trees in winter
The pruned wood is shredded back onto the orchard floor. This results in a natural cycle of nutrients which is best for the orchard and the environment
Bare orchard in winter
Although we can barely see her through the trees, Lise is probably pretty exhausted from all this pruning!

  Chestnut Run Sheep
During the winter months our ewes grow large, prepare for spring lambing. ( Wendy Hitchens photo).


Chestnut Run lambs in snow
Sometimes the snow just stays too long. These hardy Katahdin sheep were developed in snowy Maine and don't
seem to mind at all. They can return to the snug barn when they tire of the cold.


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